This is by far the best mechanic I've ever been to. If you LOVE your car, this is where you should be. If you NEED your car, this is where you must be. Chris provides the expertise and education you need to maintain and enjoy your car for as long as you want. He is diligent, cost effective and courteous. He is certain to get to the root of the problem, not just address the symptom. Make no mistake, customer status is not a given, you must be approved. But no worries if you are a responsible owner, and you will be in good hands with Chris.


Chris and his crew at Bavarian have a been solid, dependable, and very fairly priced partner in helping me fix and maintain my 2003 BMW 325i. I love my car and am so glad to have found someone who is knowledgeable about my specific car and is passionate about what's best for my vehicle. During the last 3 years, he has proven trustworthy, fair, and correct in his advice about items that must be fixed immediately versus issues that can wait until next time. My car runs great. I recently took it to an out-of-town dealership for an oil change and was congratulated by the staff for the stellar condition of my car. Normally, I'm not very trusting of any car repair place (afterall, businesses exist to make money), but I would certainly recommend Chris to my friends, family, and anyone who owns a BMW. He is a proven Bavarian expert.


To fix or not to fix—that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the repair bill of a 100,000-mile service on a ten-year-old E90, or suffer the slings and arrows of driving a lesser car. To drive, to drive fast no more, and by drive fast no more would be to not drive a BMW. But the heartache and the thousand natural shocks that would come from knowing the beauty of driving a well-maintained BMW and not doing so anymore. To drive, perchance to drive fast. Ay, there’s the rub, for in driving fast, what dreams may come, when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause. There’s the respect of knowing we drove and maintained a BMW. For those that must bear the whips and scorn of a lesser car, yet never know the pangs of loving a BMW is the conundrum of life. Just another thank you to Chris and Tyler for my 100K service on my ten-year-old E90. I cannot believe how well the car is driving. I swear, if I didn’t look at the odometer, I would think I were driving a new car. Chris you have again exceeded my expectations. The service was done in an expeditious manner, and all is perfect. I could not have wanted more. Moreover, the money I saved by taking the car to you instead of the dealer will buy some nice treats for my dogs.

Thank you. John is a high school English teacher and as a joke we suggested he leave his review in Iambic Pentameter... BAVARIAN AUTOMOTIVE INC

Diagnosed the problem with my car (not an alternator issue as it was a voltage regulator problem)and quickly had it back and running.


These guys are fantastic, but I can't leave it at that. I brought them a low mileage (87k) 2002 330I for a pre-purchase inspection. This was a Craigslist car so I wanted to make sure that the car was being accurately represented. I had called the day before to make an appointment and when I showed up, both guys dropped what they were doing and spent an hour looking this car over. After the finished looking it over, he called me back to his office to show me what they had found. I was blown away. They found a whole list of things that undoubtedly pointed to a deceptive previous owner/salesman. Warning lights in the dash cluster had been dismantled to prevent them from illuminating. They found evidence that the car had been overheated and the head gasket changed. One of the cams was reading several degrees off from an improper Vanos/cam re-installation. There were several other things I've forgotten but they all pointed to an unskilled mechanic having done the work previously and incorrectly. Now, having said that, I myself was a fleet mechanic in a previous life for almost a decade. While I have limited experience with BMW, I know the trade and I know what it takes to do a good job. These guys are it! I would have killed to have such skilled co-workers at my side when I was in the industry. Rest assured, Bavarian Automotive will take fantastic care of your car and will do an incredibly thorough job at everything they do. I have no doubts. Thanks again BA for an amazing job!


Once again Chris and Tyler proved themselves with a repair on my 2008 BMW 750 Li. I had a parking brake malfunction warning this past Monday. Instead of just replacing the Complete servo,they ordered a repair kit. The savings was substantial and the replacement Part works great and comes with a two year warranty.If you are looking for personal service at Affordable prices stop looking.


Chris and Tyler did an awesome job! Although all that was needed was a simple and inexpensive repair you could have charged me so much more and told me the problem was something much greater. I totally appreciate your honesty! Thanks Chris for going over the options on my car with me. She's such a sophisticated machine and reading the manual is not enough. After spending time with you, I walked away with a much better understanding of the vehicle. I'll be back for sure!


Chris analysed the problem, informed me of the cost and made the repair in the timescale he had outlined. I could not have bought the parts from BMW for what he charged for buying and fitting them. Once again a 1st class service. Many thanks Stuart


I have a 2008 335i coupe. It's been a great car, but after 95,000 miles the dealer warned me that there were several oil leaks that needed to be taken care of. Oil Filter Housing Gasket, Valve Cover Gasket, and Oil Pan gasket. Of course, the dealer wanted an arm and leg for the repairs so I decided to look around at independent BMW mechanics to have an option in the event the dealer was getting too expensive. I gave these guys a shot, after reading some positive reviews on Google and also they are right across the street from the dealer. I will say this, for those of you used to the cushy dealer experience, a shop like this will be a bit outside of your comfort zone. Chris and Tyler know these cars extremely well, but they approach things different than the dealer does. They aren't interested in placing everything that could possible be wrong like the dealer does. Chris called this "Collateral damage". They will start with the top priority candidates and work their way down from there, and this may mean coming back for additional follow on visits. For example, after discussion with them, we decided the best course of action was to repair my OFHG and VCG, but not the oil pan. Chris wanted me to keep an eye on additional oil first before going through with the bigger repair of the Oil Pan gasket. I stopped smelling oil as soon as they finished the job, which was timely and thorough and cheaper than the dealership. Funny story though. Literally just over a day after getting my car back from them, I had to have my car towed from a massive coolant leak near the radiator. Steam was coming from my engine, and when I opened the hood, there was coolant spraying everywhere from the radiator hose. I will admit that naturally I wondered if these guys damaged something during the repair. This was saturday, and the dealer was my only option to have the car towed to. The dealer informed me that it was a cracked radiator hose, and had nothing to do with anything Chris or Tyler did and was just bad luck....which makes sense because the car was running great until this hose burst. They also said both the OFHG and Valve Cover Gasket looked good! So basically, the dealer vouched for the work. I'm all for trying something new and giving hard working people a shot. They've earned my business, although in all honesty my car scares me at this mileage : ) Thanks Chris & Tyler /Bavarian Auto


Thanks Chris for taking care of my care. Service was great. Brigitte